Klinci village has settled it’s five century long history on the South, and the most sunny side of the last green area coastal of Montenegro - on a beautiful and untouched Lustica peninsula. Just a few kilometres from the coastal line, surrounded by the acres of the olive groves, pomegranate trees and laurel woods, the very first village tourism area. Klinci village resort is taking it’s first steps and slowly becoming the most peaceful place anyone could imagine to find so well hidden in this off-road and off-sight zone.

Why Klinci Village?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Stay in a cosy village atmosphere, enjoy the magnificent view from the Klinci Village Resort residencies, terraces and pool area.


Take a walk on the 16 century old Austro-Hungarian village pats and explore the olive groves, seaside stone villages and wild nature of Adriatic coast.


Meet a new gastronomic experiance and a traditional Adriatic village living philosophy. Taste some of the Adriatic's specialties made from our localy rised products.

Treasure Hunt
Klinci Village Resort presents a custom-made, real-life game, in a similar form of already known Escape-room games. Goal is to find a hidden treasure using qlues, hints and various number of different objects. This interesting and educative indoor-outdoor game is formated for 2-5 players.