Klinci Gastronomic Experience and Cooking Philosophy

Like in the days of our ancestors, people nowadays, here in the village, are getting together over one very important thing: Food
Our goal is to produce, to prepare and to serve to our village guests the most fine food one can find on the peninsula with no exceptions to our beverages list. Village Dining Menu offers some of the finest traditional meals carefully prepared by our Grandmas recipes, respecting the whole process of making it with all fresh and organic products with just one fine fusion twist.
Natasa KazicKlinci village Supreme Chef
“We are proud to celebrate all Boka culinary influences Phoenician, Venetian, Turkish, Austro- Hungarian and Slavic. Blending the seaside and mountain flavours of our ancestors, We aim to recreate a refined memory of the taste of the Boka Bay as it used to be. “

Dinning in the village

Indoor dining area is located in the Old olive Mill house. A cosy, all-year round, private destination for
relaxation and a perfect place to get together with the loved ones on any occasion. Fine music, fine wine, homemade rakija and a deep breath of the village history involves.
Outdoor dining area is set to be in every part of the nature beauty surrounding: private terraces with stunning
views reaching the blue Adriatic Sea.