Peaceful Getaway at Klinci Village Resort, Lustica – Montenegro

Stay at the refreshing nature site in Klinci Village Resort.

Taking time to reconnect with yourself, enjoy the single presence, and spontaneously living the moment is bliss for the inner self, often undervalued and deeply deprioritized.

Don’t let the mundane everyday scene take away that moment from you. Join us @ Klinci.

What is so different, at your own pleasure?

Asking yourself what we have that differs from the regular cozy time at the seaside?
It would be unfair to start from the olive grove when, on the other end, fresh juicy oranges look our way.

Explore our natural charm and taste our highly-rated breakfast

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Imagine taking leisurely strolls through a picturesque landscape, surrounded by fragrant lemon and orange trees, full of the most delicious and juicy nectar.

Klinci, Lustica – Montenegro

Things to do while in Klinci Village Resort

Cooking Class
Explore nutritious tastes of Lustica and mingle with the local community at Klinci Village Resort
Rejuvenation through Olive Groves
Hiking intermediate level followed by local spirit tasting in Klinci Village Resort

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Stay at Klinci

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